Here at Zen Dental Group, we provide urgent emergency dental care for residents in the Edinburg, McAllen, and Surrounding cities.

We know our patients are hard working, family oriented, and need a dental practice that can provide them with hours most dental practices just don't have available.  We have made it our mission to give our community access to a holistic, reliable, affordable dental practice open every day 9am-9pm.

As well, we proud to provide pain-free dentistry with our Solea Laser at no additional cost to our patients.  A Dental Emergency Can Occur at Any Time, don't wait... Call now!

Chipped/Craked Tooth

This Can Bring Self-Confidence To A Stand Still.  If this is you, let us help!

Loose Tooth

Come See Us Today!

Denture Repair

Don't Wait! Give Us A Call So We Can Get Your Dentures Repaired ASAP!

Mouth Pain of Any Sort

Pain tells us something is wrong! Don't Wait Schedule Your Appointment With Us Today.


Notice an infection? Before it spreads, give us a call and come see us.

Tramatic Injury

Give Us A Call, and Let Us Help ASAP!

Loose Filling/Crown?

Come See Us ASAP, So We Can Fix That!